Why employing one marketer in a business is a bad idea

photo-1427088625471-da8a7193afd3A common scenario:

A business that has reached a desired level of profitability needs additional marketing resource, and now can afford it. So they take the logical next step by employing a marketing professional to join the business. Whilst this is a milestone to be celebrated, bringing a marketer in-house may not be the right solution.

Senior marketing professionals who have the expertise to give strategic advice to grow a business and the maturity to drive change with important stakeholders will be expensive to attract and even harder to keep. Such marketers will come from businesses with large marketing budgets and a team of people who do a great deal of the implementation.

On the other hand, a junior marketer will be more affordable for the business and whilst they may be very efficient at implementing plans, they will likely struggle with strategic decisions and without the guidance of a marketing mentor or manager they may miss opportunities.  Additionally working as the sole marketer, it will be harder for a more junior marketer to maintain motivation.

This is where external consultants can assist.

One of our clients has an internal person who has recently taken on the responsibility for marketing implementation –  operating at the level of a Marketing Assistant. We act as the Marketing Manager, providing guidance on a daily basis and face to face meetings on a weekly basis to ensure that all is on track. Apart from supporting and developing the Marketing Assistant, we also provide the high level strategic oversight.

For a different client, we handle  implementation only. We act as the extra pair of hands for the business owner who wants to maintain control of the marketing. We look after website maintenance, social media posts, database management upon his direction.

Using out-sourced marketing is cost effective and gives you the flexibility to alter your marketing resource as your needs change. Importantly it need not feel like out-sourcing. Having consultants that integrate into your business and adapt to your style is vital for the relationship to work.